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~Time to launch~



After 2 years of hard work, launching day was getting closer and closer.  

Getting out of my comfort zone to do this was not easy. I have to admit.

I have always created things. That is totally inside my comfort zone,.. but opening a store is not.

I used to say that i wouldn’t ever sell my work. But i have changed, and now i can see super clear the person that i am, and who i want to be. An important thing that i have learned with the years is that i have so much to learn. And i love to think it will always be like that, for all eternity. 

The point is that Im not afraid to lose the originality of my creation.  Because I understand now that doesn’t depend on if i put a price on it or not.

 It really depends on the emotional value of my Art, which is equally great, and that won’t ever change.

I love what i do. And i do it because i totally love it. 

Because i am creation, i can create. And the opportunity of expressing my self through my Art will always stay special, and close to my heart. Forever!

This will continue to grow. The difference is that now you are literally a part of it. I will share with you my heart and mind. Not less than that. I want to inspire you, and add more & more colors to your days.


I had to make the decision to continue creating more pieces, or open the D’ with what I have completed. And  that I did. 

I felt that opening the doors, would help me to organize my mind.

Getting some of my artwork available to you, will give me the sensation of “beginning”

 “And this project, that includes you has just begun.”


Most of you know me from my instagram... And you are familiar with some of the things I like to make because I had posted some of it. But the reality is that i have so many more   Projects  in my mind.

Handmade items take time to produce!  So... for now I have made a small amount of each piece  that you can see here, in   D’


I will add new ones from time to time. And I will let you know so you can come back to your lil store and take a look.


This is the first post in this blog. And like always... I love to read your comments!

Thank you Friends! 😊😊🍃


  • Kristy Payne

    Beautiful story. Looking forward to seeing your work

  • Mary Helen Pando

    I browsed thru the things you have and they are beautiful, your work is so precise and delicate. Love the turtle and elephant, panda .. May Jehovah continue to bless your efforts…

  • Shirley Stevens

    You do wonderful work. I would love to help you get your items out to the public. Are you on Facebook so I can share your products? I wish you the best in all you do! Sister Stevens in the USA

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